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Up Up

Comedy Web Series



Mali, Nico and Arthur live together, sharing an apartment in Berlin. They have something in common: all three are unemployed.
But Mali has a idea to change this reality: creating their own business, or rather, a startup.

The series will show step by step the journey of these three young adults, trying to bring a really crazy idea into reality.

What do we have already?

1 - Nine finished Scripts (9 Episodes - First Season)
2 - Four teasers episodes.
3- One teaser Trailer.
4- Cast (The main 3 characters)
5- Part of the crew.



Lukas (a former artist) and Dana (a gynecologist) first met in a rehabilitation clinic for sex addicts.

Now, five years later, they are a happy couple. Lukas works at a gallery selling paintings by other artists, and Dana works at the hospital daily, helping mothers deliver their babies.

They overcome the uncontrolled addiction that was destroying their lives until something really unexpected happens, bringing both again to hell and to paradise.

Drama Feature Film

What do we have already?

1 - Official Script (91 pages)

Hello, World


It's 2030, and exactly 10 years ago, in 2020, the flu began.
Some children began to be born deaf, without explanation.  A year later, 85% of the world's children are born deaf.  In this world, the cure of all types of cancer was discovered in 2023, but it was not known why the world was becoming deaf.
Months later, adults start dying from ear infections from a rare bacterium.
So the technological and scientific industries came together, spending billions of dollars to try to figure out a cure. And they finally found it.

But now the people need "to pay the bill" and the "price" will be much higher than they expected.

Science Fiction Short Film

What do we have already?

1 - Official Script

The Emperor's Three


Laurenz, Julie and their three children (Davi - 4 years old, Cord - 11 years old and Mady  - 13 years old) are an average German family until one day, a Chinese man called Yan rings the doorbell
with urgent news to be delivered.
“Your children spiritually belong to Huang Ti, the Yellow Emperor, and now you are in danger.”

That’s how the journey begins.

Fantasy Series

What do we have already?

1 - Pilot Official Script

The Meat of the Beast


The journey of a vegan elementary school teacher, Sofia and one of her student’s fathers, the butcher Charlie, in a small town.
Sofia creates a seminar on pain and makes a clear link between the adults in the town and the meat being eaten. She demonstrates the meaning behind the cruel food industry that their own parents are part of. This triggers a crisis in the relationships between the parents and their children, especially between the butcher Charlie and his son Gabriel.

This creates a dilemma for the school management: whether to dismiss Sofia or let her stay. Her future will be decided in a parent-teacher conference, which will be nothing more than a faithful reproduction of the lesson she gave to the students.
In this context, Charlie and his son begin a journey in search for each other.

Drama Feature Film

What do we have already?

1 - Official Script (95 pages)

A Vida não Basta
(Life isn't enough)


A series of 16mm short films featuring different characters going about their daily lives: washing clothes, combing their hair, watching rain fall on a window, sitting in a chair, putting on makeup, getting dressed, sewing clothes, walking a dog, drinking tea, crying, looking in the mirror, masturbating, reading a book, writing a letter, watering a plant, standing inside a balcony, taking a bath, smoking, alone in an office. 
All of these moments are filled with actors, who at some short time during these small stories will reciting poetry by great brazilian and portuguese writers.

The project "A Vida Não Basta" is a dialogue using the language of cinema and poetry to show the value of culture and art in life itself. The goal is to treat the poetry and art as elements that fill in the many gaps we find in our lives.

A Series of Short 16mm Films

If you are a Brazilian or Portuguese actor/actress,
If you are a Brazilian or Portuguese poet/poetess or want to be one.
Write me.
Let's create this project together.